Why Use Beard Oil?

You're are Outdoorsman. You try to get as many hours in the field as possible. Unfortunately, those hours take a toll on your beard. The effects from the sun, wind, or rain cause your beard to dry out and get wiry, unkept, or even start to itch. That's where beard oil comes in!

Beard oil protects your beard from dryness, irritation, and split hairs by keeping it moisturized a feeling great. It also helps style and maintain your look by keeping your beard from getting wild and wiry. You've done the hard work growing your badass beard, take care of it with Bull Elk Beard Oil!

Giant Bull Elk Bugling

Be the Bull.

Bull Elk are badasses. They defend their herds, they fight for what they want, they are decisive and confident. Bulls aren't afraid of a challenge yet know when to walk away. Their antlers can be lethal while their beards protect them in battle. Bulls are Badasses. Be the Bull is a choice to be the one to defend your people, stand up for what's right, do the work and rise to the challenge. It's a choice each day to better your mind and body for what lies ahead. It's a choice to strive for the person you were made to be. It's a choice. Be the Bull.

Badass bearded man and dog scouting

Building Badass Beards

Providing hand-crafted, American made beard products for avid outdoorsman. Built for the wild, work of time and dedication, rugged and defining - your beard is badass and deserves the best. Build it, protect it, and maintain it with Bull Elk Beard Oil. We stand by our product. We stand by your passion.

Join the Bull Elk Herd

Kept good moisture in my beard throughout the whole day

Bryan S.

Love the beard oil, love the smell

Tony V.